Hmmm, let's see. How do I...oh! Hi! It's me, Sandy. I ran over to the computer, as you can see in this photo:

Me running to the computer

Yeah, that's me. Always on the run. I'm called Sandy because of the sand-colored splotches on my fur. I'm rarely seen and picked up by the humans because of my speed. I think being an American breed might make me more aerodynamic than having all that wild hair like Fluffy does. No offense, Fluffy. I like your fur.

My favorite pastimes are eating Oxbow banana treats, sleeping, running, and playing with Celery. Unlike most piggies, I don't spend as much time eating as they do, which is why I'm not so plump. But I'll always take a banana treat from the humans.

Since Celery and I like to run around, we'll together review toys and play things. We'll have lots of fun trying them out. Looks like I've got to run!
Your friend,

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