Fluffy's Surgery...Stage Three

Yesterday, my surgery went well. So did Bandit's surgery. Today, we went home! The other piggies were so glad to see us! We received some medicine from the vets, which we have to take daily. Right now, my tummy and Bandit's tummy are a bit sore, so we can't post any pictures of our stitches.


Fluffy's Surgery...Stage Two

Today I went in for surgery. Bandit came along to be neutered, too. I won't be able to write on the blog for a while until I'm back home again! Wish Bandit and me luck!


Food Review...Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits

Hey humans! Today we received a box from Pet Food Direct full of guinea pig hay and treats! One of the treats were Barley Biscuits. Oxbow recommends only feeding your piggies 1-2 of these treats per day.

I like it human! I want more, more, more!

Well, I liked it. In fact, I loved it. Let's see how Bandit likes his treat.

A treat! You can't take it back from me now, human!

We tried all the other piggies, too, and they all devoured their treat! Well, I guess we'll have to say that 5/5 piggies liked it!


Merry Christmas!

Yay! Today's Christmas!

Celery's now Miss Santa! Ho ho ho...

Oh, we got the biggest breakfast of the year! Hopefully we'll get a big dinner, too.

Is that mine, human? What do you mean it's yours?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Fluffy's Surgery...Stage One

Today I went to a vet clinic in Lake Elmo. The silly humans forgot to bring the camera, so I'll have to tell you in words. I went to get some medicine that I have to take before I get spayed. We also took Celery to be neutered. Here's the surprise: we found out that Celery actually is a girl. At least we only have to neuter Bandit now.

When I got to the vet, the doctor felt my belly and said that I definitely wasn't underweight. She gave me Baytril Oral Suspension and Reglan Solution. Unfortunately, she forgot to give me a syringe. That's all for today!


Food Review...Earthbound Farms Spring Mix Lettuce

Yay! A food to review! My specialty! Of course, I won't be just reviewing from my perspective; I'll consider my siblings' perspectives, too. Today we're reviewing Earthbound Farms's Spring Mix. We'll recommend giving this lettuce mix to piggies almost daily; it consists of many vitamins and different lettuces with different nutrients.

My food, Olympia! All mine...

Olympia, Bandit, and Sandy all seemed to like it, too.

Looks like Celery is snatching leaves, too.

Everyone seemed to love the lettuce mix. I thought it was really good. 5/5 piggies liked it!


Hey everybody, I'm Bandit! The new kid on the block!

I look like a bandit, too.

I'm a Texel and another breed mixed together, but the humans aren't sure what that other breed is. I was just bought a few days ago, so the humans haven't brought me in for a checkup at the vet yet to let me get used to my new home. For the first few days, I've been really shy because I'm a bit scared of humans, and I still am. But I want to be king of guinea pigs! Today, I was let out onto the island to socialize with the other pigs. Instead, I got into a huge fight with Fluffy! Luckily, neither of us were hurt. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on how my introduction with the other guinea pigs is doing!

I'm going to get out humans!

I do have to be bathed every month or so because I'm a long, curly haired guinea pig. So, I'll be reviewing grooming products.

I'm an extremely determined guinea pig, and unlike most Texel guinea pigs, I want to be dominant! I'm persistent, and I won't give up. I'm not sure if the other pigs like me or not because my personality is like this. Hopefully they will!
Bye for now,


Okay, phew! None of my sisters wanted me to use the computer; they thought I would get way too excited! But I'm responsible and mature...right?

Me in my beloved crinkle tube

I'm a crazy Abyssinian, one of the two boys in the group, and nicknamed "Social Piggy". I love the humans, most of the time. I'll come up onto their laps for a treat, but if they try to pick me up...poof! I'm gone! I think I'm faster than Sandy, but she'll always deny that (don't listen to her!). We spend lots of time chasing each other around boxes and through crinkle tubes.

My favorite hobbies include eating treats from the humans, annoying Sandy, and playing. That's why I'm reviewing playthings with Sandy! We'll test them and tell you guys if we liked them, which might be a hint to which toys your piggy will like. Uh-oh, here comes Fluffy. Better go now.


Hmmm, let's see. How do I...oh! Hi! It's me, Sandy. I ran over to the computer, as you can see in this photo:

Me running to the computer

Yeah, that's me. Always on the run. I'm called Sandy because of the sand-colored splotches on my fur. I'm rarely seen and picked up by the humans because of my speed. I think being an American breed might make me more aerodynamic than having all that wild hair like Fluffy does. No offense, Fluffy. I like your fur.

My favorite pastimes are eating Oxbow banana treats, sleeping, running, and playing with Celery. Unlike most piggies, I don't spend as much time eating as they do, which is why I'm not so plump. But I'll always take a banana treat from the humans.

Since Celery and I like to run around, we'll together review toys and play things. We'll have lots of fun trying them out. Looks like I've got to run!
Your friend,


I'm Olympia! I finally have gotten to use the computer, not because I'm second dominant, but because I've been here just as long as Fluffy has. I'm four and a half years old, like Fluffy is, and I'm what the humans call "one of the seniors".

Me in my cuddle cup

My favorite things include sleeping, eating, and playing with the two younger piggies. I do enjoy sleeping most though. As for eating, well, I may be slightly plump, but that's what guinea pigs are!

I remember when Sandy came to join the group. I was very overwhelmed, and was not nice to her, I admit. But when Celery came in to join us, I think I must have softened a bit, because now I'm friendly to Bandit, the new pig.

I'm an American, the most common type of guinea pig breed. Although from the picture it looks like I'm all brown, I actually have a white stripe down the side that's not showing.

As I mentioned before, I love to sleep, sleep, and sleep. So, I'll be reviewing any sleep products we have. I'm the expert on cuddle cups and hideouts.
Until the next post,



Okay, so I couldn't resist. Temptation got too strong. I'm going to type about myself! The other piggies will have to wait their turn!

This is my very, very, VERY cute face!

I'm an Abyssinian, so I have crazy rosettes of fur all over my body. I'm a tricolor, which means that I have three colors: orange, white, and black.

As I mentioned in my last post, my favorite pastime is eating. My favorite foods consist of parsley, romaine lettuce, radicchio, grapes, and the very basic timothy hay. When everyone else is sleeping, you'll find me eating! Who would waste time when they could be eating? So, of course, every time we're reviewing a new food, I'm going to be the critic!

I also am dominant pig, as I've stated before. That means that I'm the queen bee, the top dog! I rule over the piggies and always get my way, unless humans intervene.

Unfortunately, I have to get spayed in the near future. I'm a very healthy, very strong piggy, so I'll probably do okay. I'll hear more about that on December 24th. I'll keep you posted on that.
Talk to you later!

Introducting...Piggie Web: a guinea pig blog

Oh, the humans have finally introduced us to the computer. And we're loving it! We discovered blogger and decided to make a blog about us.

Four of us

This is (from left to right): my sister Olympia, my little sister Sandy, my little brother Celery, and me, Fluffy. We are the four original 2013 piggies, but another little guy has joined us as a surprise early Christmas present! Bandit (the new pig) is extremely shy, so we we'll post a pigture of him as soon as we can get one.

We are a very unusual guinea pig group. We live on a carpet covered with towels on the floor, but we never leave it! Our home is covered with boxes to hide in when we're scared, and there's nothing like cuddling in one of our beds in a low-roofed box to hide in.

We all have very different personalities. Me, I'm dominant pig and a like to eat. A lot. My sister Olympia used to be shy when she was younger, but now she's okay with humans touching and picking her up every so often. I think that the young pigs have made her more social. Sandy is shy and quick. Although her quick nature, the humans always say that she's the most gentle piggie. Celery's just a rascal. He was sold as a girl at Petco, but turned out to be a boy! Silly humans. He just runs about and is his normal, nosy, jumpy self.

Later on we might try doing a post for every guinea pig, so that they'll be able to get a feel for posting. Although I'm not sure if Celery can handle the excitement. We'll see. We'll be posting lots of stuff: products that we try, unusual foods to taste, fun piggie ideas, and lots more stuff! Until then, happy reading!