Guinea Pig Starter Kit

 Hi readers! Today, we've decided to do a post on the essentials for a new guinea pig. This post doesn't include a cage, or general food (leaves, veggies, etc.), or hideaways. However, we've included a bunch of other necessities for a new piggie!

Our stuff we're going to talk about...
 This is all the stuff we're going to tell you about today!

This smells good.
 First, the shampoo. This is only needed if you get a long-haired guinea pig. Make sure to either get special guinea pig shampoo or all natural baby shampoo. We guinea pigs have sensitive skin.

I can't munch on this very well.
 Again, this is only needed if you have a long-haired guinea pig. Get a small comb that doesn't tug or pull too much on your guinea pig's fur.

 Treats are a must! We guinea pigs love treats, and they can help develop and bond between guinea pig and human. Whether it's the Oxbow treats pictured above, or just the occasional slice of apple, treats are a good thing to have around.

Looks like our water bottle needs a refill!
 Water bottles are extremely important. We have one from Petco that latches on to the bars of a cage. Make sure your guinea pigs always have enough water, and make sure that the water bottle is working; to do that, have the human tap their finger on the nozzle, making sure that a few drops come out.

I'm hidden.
 A toy fleece tube like this one is great for us guinea pigs. We love to hide and run, so a cozy tube like this is perfect!

I love my crunchees.
 Guinea pig hard pellets are a necessity, as well. We like to call them "crunchees". We like to much on the Oxbow Cavy Cuisine, which is meant for adult guinea pigs, but they also have a version for baby guinea pigs.

Our favorite hay!
We love to eat the Oxbow Western Timothy Hay! We guinea pigs highly recommend getting this hay instead of store-bought hay. It smells fresher and tastes better.

That's it! We hope this helped you in getting your guinea pigs' essentials. Make sure not to forget food, a cage, hideaways, and any other things you might need as well!

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