Celery's Second Birthday!

Hey readers! Today was my second birthday-- now I'm as old as Sandy, who also just turned two about a month ago. Today I celebrated my birthday, and the humans were nice and gave me a bunch of strawberry treats. Read more to see more pictures!


Bandit Gets a Trim

Hey readers! Today, I, Bandit, took a trip to the salon! Just kidding, the humans cut my hair at home. Now that it's getting warmer again here, they clipped some of my fur off so that I wouldn't get as hot, and I find that it's a lot easier to run around now. The pigture above is before they clipped my fur, but read on to see how it went!


Sandy's Second Birthday!

Hey readers! Today, April 3rd, 2015 is my second birthday! I'm so happy today! The humans have learned that I love fruit (maybe they are somewhat smart after all), so they gave me a double layer fruit cake! Below I have some pigtures of my birthday cake and I!