Guinea Pig Bladder Stones

 Hello, readers! I, Fluffy, recently had to stay for a few nights at two different vet clinics because I had bladder stones. Guinea pig bladder stones are a very serious thing for us.

The humans noticed that I was making squeaking noises and was straining to urinate and poop. I can't believe my humans didn't get the signal earlier! I was in a lot of pain, so they took me to the emergency hospital. Luckily, one of the vets there was able to give me an x-ray and found that I had two bladder stones. She was able to remove one of them, and I stayed the night so they could watch over me.

This is me having a snack.
The next morning, my humans took me to our normal vet clinic, where a different veterinarian performed a surgery on me to remove the other bladder stone. She said that it was huge for a guinea pig! After staying a night there, I was able to go home.

For the first few days at home, I was very tired, so I mostly slept and ate a bit of hay. I quickly regained my appetite, however, and ate lots of leafy lettuce. The humans soaked it in water so they could get more fluids into me. Now, I'm on medication to help me recover!

I'm glad I'm home again!
In order to help me not to produce bladder stones, the humans are giving me less pellets and less calcium- rich foods (spinach, kale, etc.).

Remember, if your guinea is showing signs of sulking around, depression, not eating, losing weight, not going to the bathroom, or any other abnormal behavior, it could turn out to be something very bad like mine did. Please make sure to watch your guinea pigs carefully so your can catch any medical conditions earlier!

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