Introducting...Piggie Web: a guinea pig blog

Oh, the humans have finally introduced us to the computer. And we're loving it! We discovered blogger and decided to make a blog about us.

Four of us

This is (from left to right): my sister Olympia, my little sister Sandy, my little brother Celery, and me, Fluffy. We are the four original 2013 piggies, but another little guy has joined us as a surprise early Christmas present! Bandit (the new pig) is extremely shy, so we we'll post a pigture of him as soon as we can get one.

We are a very unusual guinea pig group. We live on a carpet covered with towels on the floor, but we never leave it! Our home is covered with boxes to hide in when we're scared, and there's nothing like cuddling in one of our beds in a low-roofed box to hide in.

We all have very different personalities. Me, I'm dominant pig and a like to eat. A lot. My sister Olympia used to be shy when she was younger, but now she's okay with humans touching and picking her up every so often. I think that the young pigs have made her more social. Sandy is shy and quick. Although her quick nature, the humans always say that she's the most gentle piggie. Celery's just a rascal. He was sold as a girl at Petco, but turned out to be a boy! Silly humans. He just runs about and is his normal, nosy, jumpy self.

Later on we might try doing a post for every guinea pig, so that they'll be able to get a feel for posting. Although I'm not sure if Celery can handle the excitement. We'll see. We'll be posting lots of stuff: products that we try, unusual foods to taste, fun piggie ideas, and lots more stuff! Until then, happy reading!

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