Hey everybody, I'm Bandit! The new kid on the block!

I look like a bandit, too.

I'm a Texel and another breed mixed together, but the humans aren't sure what that other breed is. I was just bought a few days ago, so the humans haven't brought me in for a checkup at the vet yet to let me get used to my new home. For the first few days, I've been really shy because I'm a bit scared of humans, and I still am. But I want to be king of guinea pigs! Today, I was let out onto the island to socialize with the other pigs. Instead, I got into a huge fight with Fluffy! Luckily, neither of us were hurt. I'll make sure to keep you guys posted on how my introduction with the other guinea pigs is doing!

I'm going to get out humans!

I do have to be bathed every month or so because I'm a long, curly haired guinea pig. So, I'll be reviewing grooming products.

I'm an extremely determined guinea pig, and unlike most Texel guinea pigs, I want to be dominant! I'm persistent, and I won't give up. I'm not sure if the other pigs like me or not because my personality is like this. Hopefully they will!
Bye for now,

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