A Day in the Life of a Guinea Pig

 Hey readers! So today, we guinea pigs thought you'd like a peek into the excellent lives of a guinea pig! Of course, every day is different, but these are just some of the basic things that we thought were important to tell you humans about that we do every day.


Food Review...Pet Greens Original Wheat Grass

 Hey readers! I, Fluffy, am reviewing wheat grass. Since the humans treat the lawn in the backyard (why, I don't know), we piggies aren't able to eat the grass in the great outdoors. So, as a substitute, our humans picked up some wheat grass from the pet store.


Back 2 School

We know this is a bit early to be plastering 'Back 2 School' on our blog, but for those tiny humans who start school early, we wanted to wish them a good school year! Although we love summer, it's coming to a close for some, so we wish everyone a good school year and good grades! I'm glad guinea pigs don't have a school-- eating and sleeping all day is much more fun.


Watermelon Time

 Another of our favorite summertime foods (yes, I know we've been doing a lot of food-related stuff recently) is watermelon! But, then again, what piggie doesn't like watermelon.