Okay, phew! None of my sisters wanted me to use the computer; they thought I would get way too excited! But I'm responsible and mature...right?

Me in my beloved crinkle tube

I'm a crazy Abyssinian, one of the two boys in the group, and nicknamed "Social Piggy". I love the humans, most of the time. I'll come up onto their laps for a treat, but if they try to pick me up...poof! I'm gone! I think I'm faster than Sandy, but she'll always deny that (don't listen to her!). We spend lots of time chasing each other around boxes and through crinkle tubes.

My favorite hobbies include eating treats from the humans, annoying Sandy, and playing. That's why I'm reviewing playthings with Sandy! We'll test them and tell you guys if we liked them, which might be a hint to which toys your piggy will like. Uh-oh, here comes Fluffy. Better go now.

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