I'm Olympia! I finally have gotten to use the computer, not because I'm second dominant, but because I've been here just as long as Fluffy has. I'm four and a half years old, like Fluffy is, and I'm what the humans call "one of the seniors".

Me in my cuddle cup

My favorite things include sleeping, eating, and playing with the two younger piggies. I do enjoy sleeping most though. As for eating, well, I may be slightly plump, but that's what guinea pigs are!

I remember when Sandy came to join the group. I was very overwhelmed, and was not nice to her, I admit. But when Celery came in to join us, I think I must have softened a bit, because now I'm friendly to Bandit, the new pig.

I'm an American, the most common type of guinea pig breed. Although from the picture it looks like I'm all brown, I actually have a white stripe down the side that's not showing.

As I mentioned before, I love to sleep, sleep, and sleep. So, I'll be reviewing any sleep products we have. I'm the expert on cuddle cups and hideouts.
Until the next post,

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