Just an Update

Hey, readers! We just wanted to let you know  that we won't be able to post for a wheek or so due to an event. Sorry about that! Thanks for reading, and we'll see you in a wheek!


Toy Product Review...Ecotrition Snak Shak Acitivity Log

Today we're going to test out a product that really could be classified as a toy, hideaway product, or even a food (you can chew on it). Even though this is edible, it's not good to have all the time, but it's okay every so often . It's not extremely dangerous, though, on the other hand.

Sniff...sniff...hey, guys, check this out!

Let's take a little nibble...

Om nom nom!

As you can see, it's good for chewing. The humans particularly like that we're chewing on these because before we would chew on our cardboard boxes. Turns out, 5/5 piggies enjoyed it (for one use or another)!


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...How to Properly Pick up a Guinea Pig

Hello readers! Today, I, Celery, am going to tell new owners how to properly pick up a guinea pig. Many of you probably know how already, but it never hurts to tell new owners.
Tip: Don't scare us piggies! We're prey animals in the wild, so we get scared when some human suddenly grabs us or grabs our scruff.

  1. Put your hand under our belly.
  2. Lift us up slightly.
  3. Immediately support our rump with your other hand.
  4. Make sure that we are secure.
  5. You did it!
Hope these five steps helped in learning how to pick us up! Thanks for reading!


Going to the Vet...Fluffy and Bandit

Bandit and I have been scratching a lot. A lot. The humans noticed this. Today, they put us each in a weird container with holes. We didn't like it.
Bandit...I have a bad feeling about this. I'm going to escape!

Then we were lifted up in the weird crates, and we were placed into a really big, and we mean huge, black thing. We found out that it is called a 'car'. Then, we sat for a long, long time until we finally stopped. I sniffed. My instinct was right-- we had come to the vet. We had come to Cedar Pet Clinic.
Bandit, look! There's the sign! I was right! This is bad...

We were then taken inside, where we took a deep sniff...and smelled danger.
It's Moe...this means trouble.
Thankfully, Moe didn't seem to see us. Actually, he probably didn't care. Anyway, we waited a minute or two and then were whisked away into a room a few human-steps away. Our crates were opened up, and Bandit was taken out!
I guess I'm the lucky one! I don't get to be picked up! Yay!

Well, as it turned out, I was picked up, too. The vet said that we either had mites or lice. Then Bandit and I were each taken away into a back room, where our vet, Dr. Baillie, did some work. When we were taken back into the room, he told the humans that we had mites.
Yes! Back into the room where our humans are!

Dr. Baillie gave us some medicine. It says "for puppies & kittens", but it will work for us, too. He gave us the right amount for all five of us piggies. He wanted to make sure that no one else had any mites and that it wouldn't spread. Thankfully, it wasn't a medicine that had to be injected.
Looks funny. Smells funny, too.

After that, the vet took two of our humans into the back room. He came out again, and he also showed the humans what kind of mites we have. It was a mite called Notoerdres muris. It could also be the mite pictured below. Both are supposedly extremely similar.
Bandit, that's on us! That's kinda gross...

Unfortunately for our humans, they had to clean the whole island as well as the cage and stuff. In case you haven't read our blog before, we live on a carpet that is covered by towels in the middle of the floor. We never stray onto the floor-- that's uncharted territory. 
Wow! Look how different our island looks while the humans
are cleaning it!

Thankfully, the medicine is supposed to start working within 24 hours. Thank you, Dr. Baillie, for the medicine (even if we don't like going to the vet)!


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Keeping Cool in Summer

It seems like forever since we've been able to write another edition of wheekly guinea pig help! I forgot to mention-- it's me, Bandit, writing. We're so excited-- it's finally summer time! This is my first summer! I believe we did a previous post on finding the right temperature to put us cavies, but today we wanted to spread some ideas around on how to keep cool during the summer time in case your air conditioner is working (or another case like that). So, let's start!
  1. Freezing Water Bottles: This is one idea that we've heard about. All you have to do is freeze some water bottles, then put them in an old sock. We've heard that some guinea pigs like to use these as pillows!
  2. Plenty of Fresh, Cool Water: This may seem like an obvious statement, but fresh, cool (not chilled) water is something that we piggies enjoy, too!
  3. Cold Tiles: Small tiles stuck in the freezer for a while can also be put in our living area (covered in a towel) to provide us with an optional source of coldness.
  4. Lettuce!: Lettuce naturally contains lots of water. You could even rinse it off in water before you give it to us to eat.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on keeping your piggies cool in summer!