Food Review...Watermelon

So, today the humans decided to give us watermelon. Of course, Olympia, Sandy, Celery, and I have all tried watermelon before because we've been with our humans for a while. On the other hand, this is Bandit's first summer (well, technically it's spring, but...)! So, here we go!
I got it!  I got it! It's all mine now...

You get the smaller piece, Olympia. Heheheh...

Save some more for me!

Okay, guys, remember, I'm the dominant pig...just a friendly

Happiness on the island...ahhh...

So, as you can see all of us loved the watermelon! By the end of the day, our chin fur was pink from eating watermelon. We forgot to mention above, we can have watermelon 1-2 times per week. Also, we like to eat the rind as well. We love it all! In case you haven't guessed yet, 5/5 piggies loved this juicy fruit!


Apology in Advance

Hello readers out there! First of all, we'd like to apologize for not being able to post much for the last few weeks. It's gotten kind of busy here, and there's a lot going on! Hopefully, we'll be able to post next week. Thanks for being so patient!
~The Piggies


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Location, Location

Hi, everyone! Today, I'm going to give you a few tips on choosing the right place on where to put your guinea pig cage. First, you need to find a place that usually doesn't experience a lot of loud noise. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to high-pitched, sudden noises. Your guinea pig might even get injured trying to "escape" from the noise. Also, the room shouldn't drafty, especially during wintertime (if you live in colder climates).

Next, you should find a place that is well-lit, and has access to both sun and more shade. Never put a cage on a windowsill, as this could cause heatstroke. Too much heat in any location could cause heatstroke.

During the day, the room should be bright. Studies have shown that guinea pigs are more diurnal (active during the day) creatures. We guinea pigs will also "adjust" to your daily schedule. When you're home, we'll be active. We'll probably be resting when you're gone.

Similar to finding a place with sun and shade, you should also find one with a temperature that is not too hot, and not too cold. Even if you think it's okay, we guinea pigs are extremely sensitive to temperatures, more than you humans are.

Two optional things just to ensure that your companion has the best environment possible are moving the cage and elevating it. Some humans prefer putting the cage on a sturdy table if they prefer to have their pets closer to eye level, or if they have other pets. Still, be careful with other pets and take many more precautions. Moving the cage to a different spot can be good. We piggies like a change of scenery every so often. Wouldn't you humans find it boring looking at the same view every...single...day? Changing up the scenery just adds a little variety to our lives.

With all of our suggestions as to picking a place for your cage, your guinea pig is sure to be happy with their environment.
Thanks for listening!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Wheekly Guinea Pig Help!

Food Review...Raspberries

It's me, Fluffy! Hello out there! Have you ever noticed those red, yummy-looking berries? Those juicy red berries the humans eat with whipped cream seemed to look tasty. The berries, of course, not the cream. We eventually figured out that the humans call those berries "raspberries". You can feed us raspberries almost everyday.

We smell food, humans! Give it to us now...
Celery, don't take it all! I want to try some!

Olympia, that was going to be mine! Let me have it!

Or just eat it, I guess...

Why doesn't anyone give me their food?!

The humans never captured me on camera, eating the berries, but I didn't like them. There weren't nearly as good as I expected them to be. But, Sandy, Olympia, and Celery all seemed to enjoy their tasty treat. So, I guess I'll have to say that 3/5 piggies liked raspberries.


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Other Sites and Other Stuff

Today, we're going to give you guys out there a few websites that we think are really good for any question you might have that we haven't answered yet. Also, it's fun to meet some other piggies out there who like to blog!
P. S. Not all of these are blogs, some are informational sites.

Cavy Savvy: A Guinea Pig Blog

Happy Cavy

Guinea Pig Cages

The Guinea Pig Daily

Cali Cavy Collective

Guinea Lynx: A Medical and Care Guide for Your Guinea Pig

Also, if you readers have any questions, foods, or products that you would like us to review, feel free to leave a comment anywhere on our blog. We'll make sure to read your suggestion, and we'll definitely consider your suggestion. Bye for now!

Food Review...Mangoes

Hello, everyone! Today, we tried mangoes. Three of our humans seem to like them, so we thought we'd try a little. We can have this fruit 1-2 times per wheek, in case any of you fans would like to take a nibble.

Celery, it's mango. Didn't I already tell you that?

Try it, Celery! There you go...
That's the right idea, Sandy.

I did not like the mango one bit.
Seriously, humans? Don't bring me that offensive stuff!
As you can tell, only Sandy tried a little bit. And even she only ate some of it. So, all in all, we weren't really crazy about mango. We'll say that 1/5 piggies like it.


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Which Foods for Which Day?

Hello, all you piggies and humans out there! Today, our topic is somewhat related to food, so, of course, I'm doing the talking. That's right, it's me, Fluffy. Today, we're going to share one of our favorite resources for deciding which foods to eat on which days.
Here's our chart that we like to use as a guide.