Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Getting the Right Cage Size for the Right Amount of Cavies

We guinea pigs are herd animals, meaning that we like to always be with at least one other guinea pig. One thing that many guinea pig owners do not realize is how big their cage needs to be in order for us to lead a happy life. You may notice the cage that Bandit used to live in on our island. That is the size of a store bought cage. Store bought cages are only large enough for one guinea pig to live in. And as we told you at the top of the paragraph, we pigs like to be with friends. So, here's a guide for housing two or more of us cavies.

# of Cavies--Minimum--Preferred
Two---------7.5 sq. ft.--10 sq. ft.
Three--------10.5 sq. ft.-13 sq. ft.
Four---------13 sq. ft.---more is better

With more than five of us, you'll have to get a very large cage. For any number of guinea pigs, we recommend Guinea Pig Cages Store as a good site for buying cages. They also have a number of accessories. I personally know the importance of having a nice, large cage (or island in our case); I used to run around the island, popcorning (jumping) and having fun. Please make sure your guinea pig gets the chance to do that.


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Giving Your Piggie a Fur Trim

Now, for all you long-furred guinea pigs out there-- let me warn you. Sometime or another, unless you're a show pig, you'll get your fur trimmed.
Me before my fur trim. I just got out of bed, so my fur-do
is messed up.

All the materials and tools you really need are scissors and a towel. Place the towel underneath the pig, so the fur will be caught, and you won't have a mess. Be delicate with your piggie, and don't cut very much. Just so much that yucky stuff won't be caught on their fur. Make sure your guinea gets a treat afterwards!

Unfortunately, this pigture doesn't really show much of the
trim, but hopefully you can tell that I got trimmed.

Hope this helps!

Food Review...DIY Fruit Kebab: Simple Pleasures

Today, we found two strange sticks lying on our island. You might ask why we were interested in them. Normally, we wouldn't have been interested, but these sticks had food on them! Sandy then came running up to me, informing me that she watched the humans make these sticks! They're called "kebabs". In case any of you piggies want to taste them, or you humans would like to make them for your piggies, here's the recipe!
Kebab sticks...2+ sticks
Oranges..........1/2 an orange
Grapes............1/2 cluster
Strawberries....3 whole strawberries

Start with our kebab sticks

Take your orange

Cut it in half, then cut it up into smaller slices

Take your strawberries and cut them up into quarters

Take your grapes

Start sliding the fruit onto the kebabs. The humans did
it in a pattern for us lucky pigs.


Serve and eat! (sorry, the humans didn't have much light.
We piggies like our privacy.)

Now, what you've all been waiting for...the review! Well, even though you can only see me in the pigture, all of us piggies liked it. So, 5/5 piggies enjoyed the appetizer! For now, "au revior"!


Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...5 Foods Not to Feed Your Guinea Pig

Hello, friends! Sorry we never got to posting the Wheekly Guinea Pig Help for last week...But today, I'm going to tell you what not to eat, even if it may look tasty.

1. Human soda and coffee- this is the kind of stuff humans use as a morning refresher, but not guinea pigs.
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2. Avocado- looks tasty, and humans seem to enjoy it on sandwiches, but don't eat it: too high in fat.

3. Garlic and Mushrooms- plain poisonous.

4. Tomato Leaves and Stalk- poisonous.

5. Iceberg Lettuce- low in nutrients.

Thanks for reading this. Just making sure that all piggies out there are healthy and safe!