A Day in the Life of a Guinea Pig

 Hey readers! So today, we guinea pigs thought you'd like a peek into the excellent lives of a guinea pig! Of course, every day is different, but these are just some of the basic things that we thought were important to tell you humans about that we do every day.

I love to eat!
 Eating is the most important part of the day! Around 6-7 a.m. and 4 p.m. we get breakfast and dinner. Everything about food is just so wonderful!

Slurp. Slurp.
 Of course, a quick stop at the water bottle is a necessity for us after we've eaten. Everyone needs to cleanse their palette, right?

The rule: if I can't see you, you can't see me.
 Hiding is also something that can sometimes be enjoyable, whether it's from noisy humans or from other guinea pigs that are being bothersome. Sandy tends to hide a lot-- I think she's scared of getting picked up.

Look into the persuasively cute guinea pig eyes...
 Begging for treats is very important. It takes a skilled guinea pig to be good at it. Olympia tends to use the 'stick the nose in the air' technique. I, Fluffy, prefer to use the 'questioning look' option. Sandy and Celery use the bold 'climb onto the human's lap' technique, and Bandit likes the 'sit there and look adorable' kind.

 Sleeping is also really important. We guinea pigs need our beauty sleep, too!

Did I mention Bandit likes to sleep?
So, there you have it! Five very important parts of every guinea pig's day! Later on, we might just decide to take you readers through our morning routine, but that will have to wait! For now, see you soon!

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