Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Buying a Guinea Pig

Buying a guinea pig is a big commitment, even though sometimes it doesn't seem like a lot. First of all, you have to consider if you can afford to buy two, since guinea pigs are herd animals and tend to find strength in numbers. Second, consider the vet costs. You'll want your guinea pig to be a healthy animal, and older guinea pigs can sometimes get diseases, which can costs lots of money overall. Spaying and neutering can also cost hundreds of dollars, too. Make sure that you also have enough time every day to spend time with your guinea pig.

In the event that you have considered all of these cost factors, you'll want to decide what type of guinea pig you want to buy. In one of our former posts, we listed a few guinea pig breeds. If you plan on showing your guinea pig, this is one of the larger factors in what guinea pig you should get. If you plan on buying a guinea pig for your own enjoyment and for the company, this shouldn't be too big of a factor in your decision-making.

Adoption should be your first choice if you have a shelter near you. Here are a few pigtures of available pigs from different shelters and locations.

This is Prince, a handsome guinea pig in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Animal Humane Society.


This cute little baby pig is London from Green Lane, Pennsylvania at Have-A-Heart Guinea pig rescue.. London must be housed with another female guinea. If you would like to know more about her, visit this link.


Miles and Scout are a bonded father and son pair. This is pair is currently in Garden Grove, California at the Orange County Cavy Haven.


Ebert is a senior guinea pig in Boston, Massachusetts at the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Ebert is also friends with another guinea pig named Siskel, but is not bonded with him.


Benji is a Peruvian guinea pig, a breed of guinea pig extremely rare for adoption. Benji is in Chesapeake, Virginia at the Chesapeake Animal Services.


Roo is a baby female guinea in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Dream Power Animal Rescue. From her description, she seems like a very friendly and personable guinea pig.

These are only some of the many guinea pigs out there that would love to be adopted.
Hope you have fun selecting a guinea pig to match your personality!

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