Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...How to Bathe Your Guinea Pig

We're doing a special edition of Wheekly Guinea Pig Help! Today, I will be taking you with me while I receive a bath from my humans. I don't like getting wet, but I guess I had to get a bath one time or another.

You know I don't like getting wet!
First, the humans filled up the sink with warm-ish water and plugged the drain. If I stood up in the water, it only went up to my belly. Then the humans took a cup and rinsed me down. Thankfully, they made sure not to get my head wet.
The indignity of it all!
Next, the humans took a squirt of Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo, which we will be reviewing soon, and lathered me down. My friends tease me about looking funny because my head was fuzzy, but the rest of my fur was slick. They made sure to wash my rump well because that really needed to be washed.
Oooo, I'm cold...
After they rinsed the shampoo off, I got a bit chilly, and a chilly piggie is never a good thing. They wrapped in a towel and towel-dried me. Then, they took out what they call a 'hairdryer' and set it on a low setting. They made sure to move the air around so it didn't burn me. They also held the machine far away.
Hey, you didn't tell me you were giving me a fur trim!
The humans decided to clip the fur around my rump and on my sides to ensure that no icky things collected on my curls. The kept the long fur on my head, though.
More water?
After that, they took out a squirt bottle with lukewarm water and squirted me a few times. Then, they scrunched my fur up to get my curls back. My curls tend to get flattened, especially on me head, from where the humans pet me.
Humans. They're weird.
To make my curls come back, they scrunched up locks of my fur and held them for a second or two. They did that all over my rump.
Phew! I'm done!
Finally, I was done. I know, I know, I'm even cuter. You didn't think that was possible, did you?

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