Food Review...Pet Greens Original Wheat Grass

 Hey readers! I, Fluffy, am reviewing wheat grass. Since the humans treat the lawn in the backyard (why, I don't know), we piggies aren't able to eat the grass in the great outdoors. So, as a substitute, our humans picked up some wheat grass from the pet store.

Snip, snip
 The directions say to clip the grass first, so that's what our humans did.

What's this?
 Bandit got the first try. At first, he thought it was something worthy of biting into.

Nope. Not gonna eat it.
 At a second glance (or sniff, rather), he decided he didn't like it.

What food have you got for me this time, hm?
 I also decided to sniff the curious food, but I decided it didn't meet my high standards, which are exceptionally high, since I am the local food critic.

Oh, yes, I love this stuff!
 Celery, however, loved it!

I will eat it all!
Celery was the only one who ended up liking it. The reasons why there are no pigtures of Olympia or Sandy up here is because they were so offended by the new food that they ran away to fast for the humans to press the shutter button on the camera! Well, I would say that although we pigs mostly didn't like this food, it's always worth a try, because every pig has different tastes!

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