Hideaway Product Review...Petco Small Animal Igloo Hideaways

Today we'll be reviewing Petco Small Animal Igloo Hideaways. I, Olympia, will be reviewing this product because we use these "pigloos" to sleep in most often. Also, we will show you an idea that the humans came up with to make the "pigloos" a better sleeping place.

These are the Petco Small Animal Igloo Hideaways. There
are many different sizes.

Here's what the humans thought up that made us use them more often:

The humans put small towels over the "pigloos" to make
them darker.

Fluffy says, "Why do you like to take pictures of us, human?
Can't you understand that I'm sleeping?"

I'll just review the product by itself, without the towel thrown on it. I'll say that 3/5 piggies used it occasionally before the towel was put on it.

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