Thanksgiving Time

 Thanksgiving is almost upon us, readers, and you can't believe how excited we are! We love thanksgiving for the food, the treats, and everything else! Here's a bunch of our thanksgiving-related lists:

I smell your food!
1. Treats- we can't wait to get extras!
2. Carrot Shavings- when the humans peel their carrots, we always get their peelings
3. Lettuce- we tend to get extra breakfast and dinner around this time of year...
4. Cranberries- some of us piggies like cranberries, so we're looking forward to those
5. Banana- if we're lucky, one of the humans will give us a banana crumb!

I am wrestling with this piece of lettuce!
 Things to Do:
1. Sleep- it's one of the most important things we do!
2. Explore- we always love exploring our new home arrangement after the humans clean up our home
3. Avoid Getting Picked Up- we love to run around while the humans try to catch us
4. Eat- always the highlight of our day
5. Eat- did I mention this already?

I am thankful for...food...uh...treats...uh...food...
 What We're Thankful For:
1. Our Home- we absolutely love where we live; we wouldn't trade it for anywhere else!
2. Our Humans- as much as we won't admit it, we need our humans to help us...
3. Our Food- we're so lucky to have so much food!
4. Our Family- we feel very blessed to have many piggie friends to hang out with
5. Our Vet- although we hate going to the clinic, we have to say that it's quite necessary sometimes

I smell some treats!
Did I mention I like lettuce?
I am surrounded by food!
The wonderful taste of hay...
Well, that's just about it for our pre-thanksgiving post. We hope you like our plans for thanksgiving!

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