Food Review...Snow

Hello, readers! Recently, where we live, we got a bit of snow! Now, we guinea pigs didn't really know exactly what snow was-- until now. The humans scooped up a handful of fresh (very clean) snow for us and gave it to us to eat!

Bandit, why are you so interested in that?
 Bandit took a little nibble. I, Fluffy, as you can tell, was offended by it.

Celery seemed to like the snow.
Why does everybody but me like this stuff?
 Sandy also enjoyed it.

Olympia, are you sure you want to eat that?
Well, it turns out that everybody but me liked the stuff. For me, it was a little too cold to eat, but the rest of my friends were interested by it. If you want to give your guinea pigs snow, make sure it's freshly fallen as to not give them anything nasty!

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