Happy Halloween

 Hello, readers! Today, the humans took us for a photoshoot because...it's Halloween! We love Halloween, because we get extra treats! It's also funny to see the humans in weird clothing.Anyway, we hope you like the photoshoot!

I got a treat, guys!
 I, Olympia, got the first treat, as you can tell.

Bandit wanted a treat as well.
Fluffy, stop hiding behind me!
 Fluffy seemed to think that we were playing hide and go seek.

Bandit, I think that's called a pumpkin.
 There was a strange orange ball next to Bandit. I think the humans call it a "pumpkin".

Smell all the pumpkin spice product!
 Lately, there has been a lot of this "pumpkin spice" smell in our house.

Is it edible?
 Of course, we had to try eating it.

I get first bite!
 Naturally, I wanted a bite, too.

Hi, Sandy.
 I'm not quite sure why the humans took this photograph. They go crazy with the camera sometimes.

Bandit, try not to get stuck in the leaves...again.
Bandit had a habit of eating, sniffing, or hiding in the leaves during our photoshoot.

We hope you liked our photoshoot! Happy Halloween!

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