Time for Pawdicures

Hey readers! Wow, I can't believe we haven't posted since New Years's. I guess that means it's time for a post! Today we got our nails trimmed (which is what the humans call a pawdicure). Our 'pawdicures' went by fairly quickly today, although this time, there was a human with a camera beside us. Read on to take a look at our pigtures!

I hope this goes by quickly...
Are we all done yet?
Last one?
I'm very cooperative. I think that makes it go by faster.
Careful, human!
Well, this is an awkward position.
Why am I sitting like this?
Ooooo, shiny nail clippers.
Yay, all done!
You may notice that neither Sandy nor Celery are on this post. That's because Sandy was too nervous around the camera, and Celery nails don't grow very fast, so they're still pretty short. If you're wondering how to clip guinea pig's nails, click here. Thankfully, the humans made this session short and sweet. Now we can run faster to get away from the humans when they try to pick us up!

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