Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Taking Good Photos of Your Piggie Friends

Okay, I admit. This post was geared towards human enjoyment, but we added a section to the end of the post for piggie enjoyment. Here's how to take good photos of guinea pigs.

So, first, humans, you'll want to know the parts of your camera and what they do.

We won't go over all the buttons on this camera, just the main ones. This is a simple Canon point-and-shoot, where you point, and shoot (very self-explanatory). The on/off button is located near the top of the camera, slightly to the right. To the left of that button is the viewfinder. You can look through the viewfinder to take your photos, or you can look at the large screen. Right above the on/off button, there's the shutter button. This is the button that you use to take the photos. On the dial on the upper right corner, there are different modes that you can choose from. On this camera, you can choose from (listed from top to bottom) automatic, manual, scene mode, and video. Those are the main things that you need to know about your camera. If you want to get some really good shots that are high quality, you may want to invest in a higher-skill-level camera.

Here are some pigtures that the humans took of us piggies. Notice the different angles the humans took the pigtures at. Be creative with your pigtures!

Look at me. The humans call me "photogenic".

That's Bandit's begging look.

Fluffy was sort of startled by the camera.

Celery and I could win gold medals in the Olympigs for
synchronized eating formations.

Celery does her best "furball" look for the camera.

Please, don't comment on my weird expression.

Fluffy-- before.

Fluffy-- after. (Notice the green beard on her white fur)

Now for the piggies: Tips for becoming photogenic, like me. Here are the different styles:
Cute: Look at the camera with big eyes, or sniff it. Also, curling up works, too.
Athletic: Jump onto a pigloo, stand on your hind paws, etc.
Funny: Give the camera a weird expression, like mine in one of the pigtures above.
Sleepy: Climb into your comfiest bed and close your eyes...
Beautiful: (note: groom yourself beforehand) Turn to the camera so that your face is the main thing being
               shown is your face
Serious: Basically, don't make any expressions, and just stare at the camera.
More Tips: Just give the camera your best look, and act and look natural.
P.S. By the way, in case you haven't figured it out yet, I, Olympia, and writing this post. Hope to write again to you soon!

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