Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Recognizing Guinea Pig Breeds

Hello, everybody! We guinea pigs like to use technology, and the other piggies were wondering if I could do the guinea pig help on my PigPhone. So, I agreed. Today, I'm going to tell you a little bit about guinea pig breeds and how you can recognize them. Later on, we might do a post on guinea pig coloring, too. These will be listed in alphabetical order. You may have heard of other guinea pig breeds, however, these are the recognized guinea breeds that can compete in show.

Abyssinian: This is the type of breed that Fluffy and Celery are. They have rosettes all over their body. All of the Abyssinians that I've met have a "mohawk"-like figure on the top of their head.
Notice Celery's crazy rosettes

Abyssinian Satin: This guinea pig fur-do is very similar to the Abyssinian, but shimmers and sparkles. The fur seems to reflect the light off of it.

American: This is the type of breed that Olympia and Sandy are. These are the most common type of guinea pig, with smooth coats.
Here's the rare pigture of shy Sandy

American Satin: Again, this is the same as the American, except the coat expresses sheen throughout.

Coronet: The Coronet has a thick, long coat with a crest on the top of its head. This is one of the more rare breeds that you won't find at your local pet store.

Peruvian: This breed of show pig has a long, quickly-growing coat of fur. This breed's hair grows over their head, giving them a classy "mop" look.

Peruvian Satin: The satin version of the breed directly above.

Silkie: The Silkie has a coat very similar to the Coronet's, but without a crest on top.

Silkie Satin: The satin version of the Silkie

Teddy: This breed has short, coarse, spiky fur, giving it the appearance of a teddy bear.

Teddy Satin: You can probably guess what I'm going to say...

Texel: This is the kind of breed that I am! Although below is a pigture of me, most show Texels have their fur curled to maximum curliness.
Aww, snap, humans, you got a pigture of me?

White Crested: This breed has the coat of the texel, but it has a crest on the top of their head that it completely white. Also, this breed shouldn't have any other patches of white along the rest of its coat.

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