Tour of the Piggies' Island!

Hi! I, Sandy, will be taking you on a tour through our island. In case you're wondering, our "island" is a carpet covered with towels and surrounded by hardwood floor. It's pretty big, considering there are five of us piggies! Here's the overview of the island:

Our island-- each number represents a stop.

Stop number one is one of our boxes. This box is one of the boxes that you most commonly will find one of us sleeping in it.

Yay! Clean cuddle cups!

Next stop...another box where we sleep. This one has a low roof, and is very dark inside.

Celery isn't sure what to think of the camera yet.

After that, is a box leading to the "hi" corner.

Out we go!

Stops four and five are in the "hi" corner, where we say hello to the humans.

Here's where we eat and drink.

Through the tube, out the tube, through the tube...

Next is the entrance to the other side of the island.

There's someone's orange peel.

After that is a special towel. It has a pocket in it, which the humans propped up with a alfalfa tube. We like to hide in the pocket.

Looks like nobody's in here right now.

After that is just another box.

Another orange peel?

Then, we come to our timothy hay place! This is a box which has holes on the top of it. The humans place timothy hay on the box, and we pull timothy hay through the holes. Of course, the humans also place lots of hay on the ground for the smaller pigs.

Time to munch!

This is Bandit's temporary residency. He'll stay here until he 1) is recovered and 2) we get used to being around him.

Hi, Bandit!

In later pigtures of us, you might notice that our island looks different. That's because the humans liked to place our boxes differently once they're done cleaning our island. If your piggie lives in a cage, make sure that they get lots of floor time. We don't normally have floor time because we basically live on the floor!

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