Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Cage Additions

As many of you readers know, we Piggies do not live in a cage. However, most guinea pigs do, and we would like to give some suggestions as to what we think might be fun in a cage. Of course, these are all toys that you can buy in a store. Later on, we might do a later post on DIY toys.

  1. Guinea pig crinkle tunnels: These are very fun, especially for younger pigs like Celery and I
  2. Guinea pig log bridges: These can be used to allow a guinea pig to reach a second level
  3. Guinea pig log seesaws: These help a guinea pig sharpen his/her balance
  4. Wooden houses: These are fun, especially if there are stairs leading to the roof
  5. Log tunnels: These are great, especially since there is a hole on the top, where humans might stick food and hay
ALERT: Some sites, such as Petco and Amazon, will list exercise balls and running wheels under guinea pig toys. There are NOT made for guinea pigs! Piggies' spines can't curve upwards, and this could damage their spine. Your guinea pig should get plenty of exercise through floor time and toys.

These are only a few of the many guinea pig toys out there. Feel free to post a comment below on other toys you've tried or how you like these toys. If you have any questions about any toys or the toys listed above, we'd love to hear them! Of course, I'm the expert on toys along with Celery, so we'll be the ones answering your questions.

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