Toy Product Review...Oxbow Timothy Tunnel

 Hello, readers! Recently, in the mail, we received a new toy/hideout/food thingy. For the sake of simplicity, we piggies decided to classify it as a toy, but the Oxbow Timothy Tunnel is a great multi-tasker!

Looks interesting...
 This is what it looked like right after we had unwrapped it. Sorry about the glare on the label (the humans didn't take a very good photograph)!

Bandit decided to take a nibble.
 One of the many uses of the timothy tunnel is using it as a chewing item.

Sandy also checked it out. Unfortunately, she decided not to face the camera.

I like to hide in it while I eat my food.
Overall, we piggies recommend this toy. We all like to go through it, chew on it, and sniff it.We think this is a great product that all guinea pigs should have the opportunity to try!

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