Monthly Guinea Pig Help...Bringing Home a Cavy

This year, my siblings and I have agreed on a resolution-- to give humans more advice on this blog! Thus, we created Monthly Guinea Pig Help. We'll start with giving new cavy owners some help.

Here's some things you'll want around before you bring your piggy home.

Refresh our water daily, please!

1. A water bottle. This one's from Petco. The humans were mumbling about the way the water bottle was hanging on the cage, so they got this more secure one.


2. Always have unlimited amounts of timothy hay for us. We prefer the Western Timothy Hay from Oxbow, which always seems to come fresh.

Fill it up, human, right to the top!

3. Have pellets available for your pig, too. These shouldn't be a main part of your guinea pig's diet, though.

4. Also, make sure to have hiding places for your pig. We are naturally prey animals, so we scurry into a dark, covered place the minute we sense danger. A good idea for a hiding place are these Petco Igloo Hideaways.

5. Make sure to have lots of fresh greens on hand, but don't feed your cavy the same meal every day. We like variation, too! We find that Earthbound Farms Spring Mix Lettuce has a good selection of different leaves.

6. Our teeth never stop growing, so we need to chew on stuff like wood blocks.

That's my house!

7. Always have a cage on hand, even if your pigs live on an island like we do.

That's only the the bare minimum of stuff that you would need to own a cavy. Some ideas to make our lives more fun-filled are:

1. Beds. Also known as Cuddle Cups.

2. Crinkle tunnels.

3. Oxbow treats. They make lots of different kinds of treats for different piggies' taste buds.

4. A playmate (or two, or three, or four...). Always consider adopting. You might be surprised how much differently your pig might act with a friend.

Those are some of our ideas on what we think you should have. If you have anything else to add, or if you think that we missed anything, feel free to leave a comment in the below section.

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