Guinea Pig Dentistry Problems

Hello, readers! Recently, both Fluffy and I, Olympia, went to the vet. Fluffy went in for a surgery check-up (you can read about that here), and I went in because the humans had noticed that I had been losing weight.

While the vet was poking and prodding me in the check-up room, she felt a lump along my left jaw. Because of this, she decided to take an x-ray. She found out that the roots of my bottom teeth on my left jaw are growing downwards in a way that makes it painful for me. Unfortunately, there is nothing that they can do about it, because if they perform surgery, there is a chance that they could break my jaw. The best they can do is just prescribe medicine for me to be on.

This is my medicine.
One of these medications is Metacam, which is to reduce my pain. The other one is Reglan, which is to help me continue to poop.

Feeling good now!
For now, all I can do is keep eating and let the medication work-- and the good thing is, I love my medicine! I think it tastes like a treat, which must make it easier for the humans to give it to me.

I'll try to keep you readers updated on my health status. For now, goodbye from Olympia!

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