Food Review...Oxbow Treats: Bell Pepper

 Hey readers! Today, my friends and I tried out a new kind of Oxbow treat that the humans bought. We figured we'd love it, since we love all their other treats. Read on to find out if we liked it or not!

What's this? Nope, I don't like it.
 Celery absolutely snubbed the treat, which is very unusual for her. The humans should try again in the future to see if she likes it once she gets older.

Hey, this is pretty good!
 I, on the other hand, enjoyed the treat very much. I'm a slow eater, so I had to much on it for a while.

Yay, a treat!
 Bandit grabbed the treat right away and started wolfing it down. That's typical of him, though.

I can't see you, you can't see me!
 He also likes to eat in privacy. Another typical Bandit quirk.

Yum. Crunch. Yum.
 Olympia ate her treat quickly and with sophistication, as is her style. If guinea pigs can be sophisticated, that is.

I'm so fast, you can't take a good pigture!
Sandy was too scared to try out the treat at the "taste testing station", so she ate hers back at home instead. I think she ate her treat, but she was too shy to let anyone know.

Thanks for viewing our review! All in all, all of us enjoyed it (except for Celery), so we'd give this treat a thumbs up.

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