Food Review...Oxbow Treats: Cranberry

Hello from the Piggies! Today, we continued our testing of the new Oxbow treats that our humans recently discovered. Today, we tried the ones with cranberry in them. Read on to find out more!

Oh ho! Another yummy snack!
 Bandit, as always, was happy to find yet another edible tidbit that he could snack on.

Nope. I don't like it.
 I am very picky about my food, and I decided that this new snack didn't quite meet my high standards.

Ooooooo, a little treat!
 Sandy happily munched her treat up.

Mine, all mine!
 Olympia wolfed hers down. Then again, she always was a quick eater.

I am eating mine in secret!
Celery ate hers all up from the comfort of a cozy cave.

According to the rest of my guinea pig family, these treats were very yummy. Although I didn't like them, the rest of my family did, so it's safe to say that your piggies should try some, too!

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