Toy Product Review...Cosy Cuddle X-Tunnel

Hi! Just today, we received an exciting package that we've been waiting for. It contained a "Cosy Cuddle X-Tunnel" from an Etsy shop called TheCosyHut. We have classified it as a toy, though I've seen many of my friends taking a nap in there.
Looks promising...

I get the first sniff!

Celery, that's not how you use it!

There you go.

Oh! A strawberry!
This is quite comfy.
Well, turns out it was promising! All of us piggies liked it! And the humans are happy because they can "just stick it in the washing machine" as they put. I'm not sure what that means, but they seemed happy about it. Anyway, 5/5 piggies enjoyed this product. Thanks, TheCosyHut!

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