Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...A New Addition to the Family

Today, we'll be giving humans a few tips on things not to do and what to do when you have a new piggie in the house. We've all experienced it before, and we've decided on a few tips.

What Not to Do:
  1. Other animals: This may seem like an obvious one, but it's a good one. We piggies get scared by a larger predator.
  2. Loud/High-pitched Noises: Our ears are very sensitive, so loud and high-pitched noises scare us.
  3. Cleaning the Cage: Especially if we aren't used to you, cleaning the cage on the first day is stressful.
  4. Picking Us Up: Picking your new piggie up on the first day can be frightening. We felt like we needed to trust the humans first.
  5. Introducing to Other Piggies: Unless your new piggy has been living with another piggie for a while, don't introduce your new one to any others you might have. The other cavies are likely going to show some amount of aggression to your new cavy. In a herd, we like to have a dominant piggie, and a new cavy means a new ranking in the herd.
What to Do:
  1. Put on a Little Music: Quiet music can calm your guinea pig, especially if he/she is in a silent household. My siblings and I like classical music.
  2. Let Us Sniff You: When we sniff you, we're identifying you. We have keen noses.
  3. Give Us a Treat: We really like Oxbow's treats, but just a carrot or a berry will do, too.
  4. Talk to Us: Talking to us calms us, but make sure to speak in a low voice. Also, that way, we recognize your voice.
  5. Get Us a Friend: If you don't have another companion for your guinea pig, get one. We guinea pigs are social animals by nature.
We hope this list helped you!

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