Caught on Camera...Lazy Summer Daze

 Summer is a time to relax, right? And that's what we piggies have been doing. We pigs loves to sleep, rest, and snooze at every chance. Or eat. But that's a topic for another time. Today, after the humans cleaned our island, we took a little nap.

Bandit, for whatever reason, doesn't like to sleep in the cuddle-cups (the gray thing next to him). I think they're great, but maybe he's so big he doesn't fit.

I like pigloos.
 I was caught sleeping in a pigloo. Not that I minded or anything. I'm not usually bothered by the camera.

Hello there!
 Sandy was snoozing in the fleece tube. She does seem to be in there a lot.

I'm hiding in the darkness.
 Olympia was lying down in a box. She likes to be hidden.

Celery must've kicked Sandy out of the fleece tube, because afterwards, the humans caught her sleeping in there.

We certainly enjoy relaxing during summer. I hope you have just as a relaxing summer as we do!

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