Bandit Gets a Trim

Hey readers! Today, I, Bandit, took a trip to the salon! Just kidding, the humans cut my hair at home. Now that it's getting warmer again here, they clipped some of my fur off so that I wouldn't get as hot, and I find that it's a lot easier to run around now. The pigture above is before they clipped my fur, but read on to see how it went!

Oh, I really don't like this.
 During the whole ordeal, I was squeaking and complaining-- as to be expected.

Wow, that was all on me!
 Here's a pigture of about a third of the fur than was clipped off of me.

All done!
And...here's the final pigture! If you look at previous pigtures of me, you can really see the difference. Even the humans were surprised at how much different I looked. Now I can run really fast!

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