The Piggy Place Fall Pignic!

As you may know already, yesterday, we went to a pignic! It was very fun, and we look forward to going to another. We'll show you a few pigtures of what it was like!

So many other guinea pigs!
Wow, a skinny pig! I haven't met her yet.
Excuse me, but do I know you?
Time for the costume contest!
Looks like it's from a human video game...let me guess...a
charizard from Pokemon?
A chicken! That's creative. 
Another Pokemon! It's a pig-a-chu!
Help, I'm being crowded!
Oh, more texels! This must be the texel club!
Hey, you look like me!
What's your name? Gary? That's a nice name.
Oooo, an obstacle course! That looks fun.
You can't see it, readers, but there are three guinea pigs in there!
 At first, Bandit was a bit frazzled, but once he met a few other piggies, he was doing okay. I am a very social piggy, so I warmed up to the idea of meeting new friends right away! At the end, though, I think Bandit and I were both ready to go home. Overall, it was very fun, and Bandit and I encourage you to try one out.

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