Food Review...Raspberries

It's me, Fluffy! Hello out there! Have you ever noticed those red, yummy-looking berries? Those juicy red berries the humans eat with whipped cream seemed to look tasty. The berries, of course, not the cream. We eventually figured out that the humans call those berries "raspberries". You can feed us raspberries almost everyday.

We smell food, humans! Give it to us now...
Celery, don't take it all! I want to try some!

Olympia, that was going to be mine! Let me have it!

Or just eat it, I guess...

Why doesn't anyone give me their food?!

The humans never captured me on camera, eating the berries, but I didn't like them. There weren't nearly as good as I expected them to be. But, Sandy, Olympia, and Celery all seemed to enjoy their tasty treat. So, I guess I'll have to say that 3/5 piggies liked raspberries.

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