Food Review...DIY Fruit Kebab: Simple Pleasures

Today, we found two strange sticks lying on our island. You might ask why we were interested in them. Normally, we wouldn't have been interested, but these sticks had food on them! Sandy then came running up to me, informing me that she watched the humans make these sticks! They're called "kebabs". In case any of you piggies want to taste them, or you humans would like to make them for your piggies, here's the recipe!
Kebab sticks...2+ sticks
Oranges..........1/2 an orange
Grapes............1/2 cluster
Strawberries....3 whole strawberries

Start with our kebab sticks

Take your orange

Cut it in half, then cut it up into smaller slices

Take your strawberries and cut them up into quarters

Take your grapes

Start sliding the fruit onto the kebabs. The humans did
it in a pattern for us lucky pigs.


Serve and eat! (sorry, the humans didn't have much light.
We piggies like our privacy.)

Now, what you've all been waiting for...the review! Well, even though you can only see me in the pigture, all of us piggies liked it. So, 5/5 piggies enjoyed the appetizer! For now, "au revior"!

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