Wheekly Guinea Pig Help...Keeping Cool in Summer

It seems like forever since we've been able to write another edition of wheekly guinea pig help! I forgot to mention-- it's me, Bandit, writing. We're so excited-- it's finally summer time! This is my first summer! I believe we did a previous post on finding the right temperature to put us cavies, but today we wanted to spread some ideas around on how to keep cool during the summer time in case your air conditioner is working (or another case like that). So, let's start!
  1. Freezing Water Bottles: This is one idea that we've heard about. All you have to do is freeze some water bottles, then put them in an old sock. We've heard that some guinea pigs like to use these as pillows!
  2. Plenty of Fresh, Cool Water: This may seem like an obvious statement, but fresh, cool (not chilled) water is something that we piggies enjoy, too!
  3. Cold Tiles: Small tiles stuck in the freezer for a while can also be put in our living area (covered in a towel) to provide us with an optional source of coldness.
  4. Lettuce!: Lettuce naturally contains lots of water. You could even rinse it off in water before you give it to us to eat.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on keeping your piggies cool in summer!

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